Country: Dominican Republic

Media Monitor

MEDIA MONITOR is an innovative tool in online digital media monitoring in Dominican Republic. It is a unique TV, Radio, Press and Outdoor monitoring system, which is updated on a daily basis, and can be accessed from any computer connected to Internet. On the Media Monitor website, you can source and watch the most recent commercials aired on TV, or listen to the latest commercial broadcasted on Radio as well. It also allows you to view pictures ads published in the most popular newspapers or magazines and signs placed Outdoors.

Media Monitor offers:

  1. General information about your advertising campaign
  2. Information pertaining to your product and its competitors, classified by sector, sub sector, category, brand or announcer
  3. Watch or download commercials aired on TV
  4. Listen or download commercials aired on Radio
  5. View images of ads that were published
  6. Reports of differences between your commercial plan and the media.
  7. See a picture of the sign or ad placed (outdoor)

It is an excellent tool for Advertising agencies, media research and public relation firms and advertisers.

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